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"Reliable Power Always"

Data Centers

Experience and knowledge to implement Mission Critical Power Systems into the Data Center environment. We provide “solutions oriented” UPS, Busway Distribution, Standby Generators, Surge Protection, and Facility monitoring Systems that are tailored to critical data center applications for highest level of reliability and maintainability.


Over 35 years of experience implementing solutions based power systems into many different types of facilities. Our standby generators, UPS, Surge Protection, 400 HZ Ground Power, and Gate Box Distribution provide the “Best in Class’" solutions for the end user customer.

Healthcare/Senior Residence/Assisted Living

These facilities require specialized equipment that meet the stringent requirements of this very personal industry. We take the responsibility of providing power systems solutions to this human environment very seriously.


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C&I Power Solutions.png
C&I Power Solutions.png

Reliable power system architecture is very critical to the manufacturing process. In a world where “on time” and “just in time” mean the same thing, the capability and reliability of the power system is critical to meeting the demand.

Waste Water Treatment

Standby backup power is critical for this utility to maintain an ongoing and smooth process. We have the experience to implement solutions that meet the demands of these large operations.

Power Plants

The Power Plant environment is a highly critical and regulated industry. Power systems must meet the harsh demands of the environment and longevity these applications require. Our solutions are designed to provide 20+ years of reliable operation.



C&I Power Solutions stands apart from other suppliers by offering a solutions based system from multiple manufacturers for any commercial or industrial application.


About Us

C & I Power Solutions specializes in the application, implementation and servicing of Critical Power Systems for extended backup and power conditioning into Commercial & Industrial environments. We provide excellent engineering support and have solutions for any specific environment, critical loads and installation environment.

Our Specialty

Providing “solutions oriented” systems that are tailored to the application for critical data center, telecommunications, health care, education, waste water treatment, power plant, manufacturing and harsh environment. This is accomplished by offering solutions from multiple manufacturers so the correct product can be applied for any commercial or industrial application.

Our Focus

Implementing systems that have 20+ years of useable life cycle in the environment it was intended.

Our Commitment

“Reliable Power Always” best in class solutions.

Real Results

High Power Density

Means increased power per square foot, smaller footprint/rack space equals lower total cost

High efficiency 

We have some of the most efficient products in the industry, which means a lower electricity costs

Maximum Reliability

Increased mean time between failure and reduced maintenance costs.

​Better ROI

High efficiency systems mean reduced operating costs resulting a faster ROI

Less Heat Generation

High efficiency means less heat rejection, therefore less cooling, further reducing operational costs

Reduction of CO2 

Higher efficiency means better profitability and contributing to a more sustainable climate

Latest Updates

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